Making a Tree Change – what to Consider

Many Australians dream of swapping traffic for trees but what do you do once you’ve found the perfect plot of land?

Creating your ideal country retreat comes down to your property dreams and lifestyle requirements.  Assessing your priorities and choosing a location that suits these is the first step.

Before signing on the dotted line make sure you look at the surrounding properties and the zoning that applies.  Reviewing the local planning scheme will give you an indication of which industries are able to operate next door.  Understand what impact they may have on your property and any potential disruption to your tranquil retreat.

Moving away from the city you will need to take into consideration the location of infrastructure and services – and their potential impact on your budget!  Identifying a source of potable water could determine the location of where you build your home on your property.  Your dream may be to disconnect from the pace of the city, but you will still need to factor in the basics such as electricity, phone communication and Internet.

Building your own home is an exciting step and it is important that you are well prepared.  When deciding on the style of your home consider what you will be using it for.  Is this going to be your primary residence or a holiday home?  Knowing this will help you to narrow your design search and streamline the process.

Doing your research and asking the experts will ensure that your move will be a breeze.

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