Choosing the Right Location and Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

Before you start looking at potential homes and locations, make sure you do some research and identify the type of area and style of home that will suit your lifestyle. With so many options available in Western Australia, it can often get overwhelming – having a clear idea of what will suit your needs will make the whole process easy and enjoyable.

Consider the following:

Budget Knowing how much you can afford and what you are prepared to spend will give you the best starting point for your journey.

Access to employment Is it important to you to be in a location close to your place of business or are you looking for somewhere to escape to? Knowing how far you are willing to travel for either of these will give you a radius in which to focus your search.

Proximity to family and friends – Would you like to be close to family and friends? Having your social network close by can often add to the enjoyment of where you live.
Schools or other services – If you have children it’s worth considering the proximity of schools, parks and activities.

Recreational, social and other lifestyle options – Consider the activities that give you enjoyment. This could be access to the beach, hiking trails, bike tracks or even local restaurants and coffee shops.

Space – Your home is a long-term investment and needs to work for you now and into the future. Ensuring you have enough space for the members of your family (and maybe future members) as well as the activities you enjoy will result in a happier home for years to come.

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